Brand Scent

Patented interactive miniature fragrance diffuser, customizable and integrable on shelves or displays.



Dry diffusion without any perfume deposition nor permanency. No fragrance intrusion at neighboring shelves. No passive pollution.


Consumer on-demand olfactive messaging.


An event related exclusive perfume collection with strong emotional and cognitive impact. Customer fragrances may also be used.

Autonomous system

Autonomous system (up to 4 000 diffusion cycles in 5 seconds), lockable and maintenance free.


Brand and/or product message, unit « housing » dressing (cardboard cover, artwork) and 100% customizable fragrance.


Instant diffusion of a 16 liter fragranced air bubble. Scent disappears within moments.

A true communication medium to maximize memorization, perceived value and product preference !


Create an immediate interactive emotional dialog between a product and consumers​

Optimize the efficiency of point of sales trade activities.

Increase traffic at store shelves and aisles (visual, « buzz », scent...)

A no-constraint solution that easily adapts to any visual communication tool (display) and store shelf.

Innovative trade marketing thanks to a unique multi-sensory system combining sight, touch and smell without any fragrance permanency, floor deposition and « pollution » with neighboring aisles.

Reinforce a brand/product reputation.

Stimulate attention, product preference and impulse sales.

Increase the impact, footfall, memorisation and profitability of point of sales activities.

Enrich point of sales activity / activation programs with a new sensorial stimulus enhancing products, USP’s, flavors and «universe».

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