The Importance of
Olfactory Marketing

Olfactory marketing deepens the emotional connection that a customer can have with a brand and its image. This stimulation technique will lead to a considerably higher perception of brand value, an increase in sales and an increase in brand awareness.

In addition, the customer experience is improved, leading to more satisfied, loyal and happier customers. Not only does this benefit customers, but it also influences employee behavior, increasing their productivity and satisfaction. Olfactory marketing offers consumers a sensory journey that will promote their relationship with the brand, its products and its universe.

“Human beings have 10 million olfactive receptors, which enables us to recognize more than 4000 different smells.”

TC Group Solution

Boost Brand

We can relate a fragrance to a memory with 65 percent accuracy within 12 months.

Enhance Customer

59% of customers would spend more money in a store that smells good.

Build Customer

Customers are 100 times more likely to remember something they smell.

Facts from ” FragranceX “.

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